Eco-DAS XIII Symposium Proceedings

The 2018 Eco-DAS symposium was the first to branch out into non-traditional publication platforms. Wikiproject Limnology and Oceanography was created to improve Wikipedia pages related to the aquatic sciences. To date, at least 11,600 words have been added and Wikipedia statistics indicate a substantial increase in views of the revised pages - most notably the "Oceanography" and "Limnology" Wikipedia entries. The Wikiproject is remains very active. It was presented at the summer 2019 ESA meeting, the fall 2019 AGU meeting, and the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting. Four edit-a-thons have been held and the Wikiproject group is working toward training educators to incorporate Wikipedia editing into the classroom.

Twelve manuscript projects are underway. The project titles are:

Curating Aquatic Knowledge: A Limnology and Oceanography Wikiproject

Bridging the Trophic Divide

Temperature and Nutrient Interactions

Taking the pulse of extreme events in aquatic systems: What do we know and what are the gaps?

Food Web Responses

Getting everyone to the table: navigating the transdisciplinary research space

Boundaries of "Recalcitrance"

A survey of ecological patchiness across scales and ecosystems

Is there a sweet spot for ecological and social benefits in MPA design?

Drivers of CNP stoichiometry across aquatic ecosystems from local to continental scales

Early career perspectives on family in academia

Assessing and evaluating gaps in course content and learning objectives in aquatic science courses