Eco-DAS XI Symposium Proceedings

The Ecological Dissertations in the Aquatic Sciences (Eco-DAS) symposia bring together 35-40 recent PhD recipients for one week in alternate years. Eco-DAS XI was held in 2014. To date, the following have been published.


Rebecca G. Asch, Darren J. Pilcher, Sara Rivero-Calle, and Johnna M. Holding. 2016. Demystifying Models: Answers to Ten Common Questions That Ecologists Have About Earth System Models. L&O Bulletin 25(3):65–70
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Ashley A. Coble, Rebecca G. Asch, Sara Rivero-Calle, Sarah M. Heerhartz, Johnna M. Holding, Colin T. Kremer, Michael Finiguerra, Kristin E. Strock. 2016. Climate is variable, but is our science? L&O Bulletin 25(3):71–76
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Benjamin J. Toscano, Natasha J. Gownaris, Sarah M. Heerhartz, Cristián J. Monaco. 2016. Personality, foraging behavior and specialization: integrating behavioral and food web ecology at the individual level. Oecologia DOI: 10.1007/s00442-016-3648-8
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Daigle RM, Monaco CJ and Baldridge AK. 2015. An adaptable toolkit to assess commercial fishery costs and benefits related to marine protected area network design. F1000Research 4:1234.
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Kremer, C. T., Williams, A. K., Finiguerra, M., Fong, A. A., Kellerman, A., Paver, S. F., Tolar, B. B. and Toscano, B. J. (2016), Realizing the potential of trait-based aquatic ecology: New tools and collaborative approaches. Limnol. Oceanogr. doi:10.1002/lno.10392 or Download article

Hundey, E. J., Olker, J. H., Carreira, C., Daigle, R. M., Elgin, A. K., Finiguerra, M., Gownaris, N. J., Hayes, N., Heffner, L., Roxanna Razavi, N., Shirey, P. D., Tolar, B. B. and Wood-Charlson, E. M. (2016), A Shifting Tide: Recommendations for Incorporating Science Communication into Graduate Training. Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin, 25: 109–116. doi:10.1002/lob.10151 or Download article


Jess Corman, Bridget Deemer, Nicole Hayes, Rox Razavi, Kristin Strock. Can a lake framework be used to understand the effects of climate change on reservoirs? Submitted to Limnology and Oceanography: Letters