Eco-DAS VIII Symposium Proceedings

The Proceedings of Eco-DAS VIII are published in open access on the ASLO Website. The table of contents will direct you to the ASLO website for each chapter.

Table of Contents

Julie E. Keister, D. Lani Pascual, Jessica L. Clasen, Kristine N. Hopfensperger, Noreen Kelly, Joel K. Llopiz, Serena M. Moseman, and Laura E. Petes
Climate and anthropogenic change in aquatic environments: a cross ecosystem perspective
Chapter 1, p. 1-16
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Chris L. Dupont, Dreux Chappell, Ramiro Logares, and Maria Vila-Costa
A hitchhiker’s guide to the new molecular toolbox for ecologists
Chapter 2, p. 17-29
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Blaine D. Griffen, Daniel Spooner, Amanda C. Spivak, Andrew M. Kramer, Alyson E. Santoro, Noreen E. Kelly
Moving species redundancy toward a more predictive framework
Chapter 3, p. 30-46
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Jessica L. Clasen, Joel K. Llopiz, Carrie E. H. Kissman, Daniel Marshalonis, and D. Lani Pascual
The vulnerability of ecosystem trophic dynamics to anthropogenically induced environmental change: A comparative approach
Chapter 4, p. 47-66
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Laurel Larsen, Serena Moseman, Alyson E. Santoro, Kristine Hopfensperger, and Amy Burgin
A complex-systems approach to predicting effects of sea level rise and nitrogen loading on nitrogen cycling in coastal wetland ecosystems
Chapter 5, p. 67-92
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Jennifer G. Howeth, Alison M. Derry, and Adam M. Reitzel
Metacommunity biology as an eco-evolutionary framework for understanding exotic invasion in aquatic ecosystems
Chapter 6, p. 93-109
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Dana E. Hunt, Eva Ortega-Retuerta, Craig E. Nelson
Connections between bacteria and organic matter in aquatic ecosystems: Linking microscale ecology to global carbon cycling
Chapter 7, p. 110-128
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Sophia E. Fox, Ylva S. Olsen, and Amanda C. Spivak
Effects of bottom-up and top-down controls and climate change on estuarine macrophyte communities and the ecosystem services they provide
Chapter 8, p. 129-145
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Tamara Harms, Brian Reid, Daniel Sobota, and Amy Burgin
Biogeochemical reaction and transport within hydrologic landscapes: crossing disciplinary and ecosystem boundaries
Chapter 9, p. 146-165
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