Eco-DAS Symposium Proceedings

The proceedings of each symposium originally were published in open access as a series of e-books, with one multi-chaptered volume per symposium. In recent years, manuscripts can be submitted to any journal chosen by the author team. The cost of publication is borne by the Eco-DAS program. Formal publication ensures that these proceedings remain available long after the symposium is over, and that they are of broad interest and reach.

Each participant will be invited to contribute to a manuscript. Participants will be strongly encouraged to collaborate in producing manuscripts that bridge disciplines. As incentive to collaborate, the total number of manuscripts is fixed (<10) and single-authored manuscripts are discouraged to make room for collaborative work.

In total, these published articles represent a highly accessible compilation of the breadth of cutting-edge ecological research in oceanography and limnology. Outlines will be submitted as part of the application, to allow participants to plan to meet with potential co-authors at the symposium. Manuscripts will be due on an agreed-upon date following the symposium.