Eco-DAS XI, October 2014

The following participated in Eco-DAS XI in October 2014. Each submitted a proposal for a collaborative manuscript. The proposed topics formed the basis for final manuscripts that were submitted to and published in a variety of outlets.


Rebecca Asch
Princeton University
Proposed title: Investigating climate change impacts on marine ecosystems with high resolution earth system models

Ashley Baldridge
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Proposed title: Aquatic invasive species: Ecological impacts and the influence of climate change

Cátia Carreira
Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
Proposed title: Microbial city

Ashley Coble
Michigan Technological University
Seasonality, quantity, and quality of N, P, and C export in Lake Proposed title: Superior tributaries and identification of controls on biodegradable DOC

Jessica Corman
Arizona State University
Proposed title: Calcium carbonate: Not just in the ocean

Remi Daigle
Universite du Quebec a Rimouski and Simon Fraser University
Proposed title: Millimetres to multi-ocean: The scales of population connectivity and ocean health

Bridget Deemer
Washington State University
Proposed title: Reservoir nitrogen removal and greenhouse gas production: More than the "middle-child" on the river-lake continuum

Lindsey Fields
University of Georgia
Proposed title: Incorporating benthic-pelagic coupling into a broad-scale synthesis of ecosystem function, variability and drivers of change

Michael Finiguerra
University of Connecticut-Avery Point
Proposed title: Connecting fitness and gene expression on the individual level to large-scale processes

Alli Fong
Research Corporation of the University of Hawai`i
Proposed title: Marine snow: Not just the stuff ruining the Go Pro video of your epic Hawaiian diving adventure

Natasha Gownaris
Stony Brook University
Proposed title: Hutchinson's hypervolume in the age of stable isotope ecology

Francois Guillemette
Uppsala University
Proposed title: Reintegrating the concept of the microbial loop into food web allochthony

Nicole Hayes
Miami University
Proposed title: Linking cyanobacterial expansion to global change

Sarah Heerhartz
University of Washington
Proposed title: Response of ecological linkages in aquatic systems to anthropogenic change.

Leanna Heffner
Louisiana State University
Proposed title: Enriching our coasts: How does eutrophication affect nitrogen and carbon sequestration in coastal wetlands

Johnna Holding
Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avançats
Proposed title: Making robust predictions of oceanic carbon cycling with global change: A multi-disciplinary approach

Beth Hundey
University of Western Ontario
Proposed title: Principles of effective dissemination of aquatic science

Sean Jungbluth
University of Hawai`i at Manoa
Proposed title: Transcending environmental boundaries: Integration of aquatic science tools and techniques

Mahealani Kaneshiro-Pineiro
University of Hawai`i at Manoa
Proposed title: Scientific understandings and perception of jellyfish in ecosystems

Anne Kellerman
Uppsala University
Proposed title: Molecular-level regulators and composition of dissolved organic matter

Colin Kremer
Yale University
Proposed title: Causes and consequences of trait variation across scales in aquatic ecology

Michelle Maier
Oregon Health and Science University
Proposed title: Microbial friends and foes of phytoplankton

Cristian Monaco
University of South Carolina
Proposed title: Predicting physiological performance across life-stages using remote sensing

Jennifer Olker
Natural Resources Research Institute - UMN Duluth
Proposed title: Agrochemicals in aquatic ecosystems: Effects of atrazine on tadpole growth, development, and gonadal anomalies

Sara Paver
The National Science Foundation
Proposed title: Aquatic microbial communities: Toward a predictive framework

Darren Pilcher
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Proposed title: Integrating observations with general circulation models to resolve current issues in marine and large freshwater systems

Roxanne Razavi
St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences
Proposed title: The Great Wall: Insights from China on the rise of subtropical and tropical reservoirs and their effects on contaminants and freshwater function

Sara Rivero-Calle
Johns Hopkins University
Proposed title: Coccolithophores, regime shifts and the future of ocean productivity

David Seekell
Umea University
Proposed title: Early warning of ecosystem tipping points

Alicia Shepard
Texas A&M University
Proposed title: Connectivity of microbial plankton, physical and chemical elements across a gradient of marine ecosystems

Patrick Shirey
University of Notre Dame
Proposed title: Merging ecology, history, and law to inform stream and river restoration efforts.

Ashley Smyth
Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William & Mary
Proposed title: Scaling up: Integrating biogeochemistry into conservation strategies

Kristin Strock
Dickinson College
Proposed title: Deciphering climate-mediated changes in lake ecosystems using integrated temporal perspectives

Bradley Tolar
University of Georgia
Proposed title: Combining 'Classical' and 'Next-Generation' microbiology to characterize the marine Thaumarchaeota

Benjamin Toscano
University of South Carolina
Proposed title: The personalities of predators