Frequently Asked Questions

The following was adapted from the Dissertations in Chemical Oceanography Symposium (DISCO) website, with appreciation!

  1. Application Form Questions
  2. Eligibility Information
  3. Meeting Logistics

1. Application Form Questions

How are participants chosen?

Participants are selected based on:
Qualifications of the applicant, including the CV, personal statement and recommendation(s)
Our impression of the potential benefit to the applicant
Potential for collaboration with other participants
Evidence of carrying projects through to completion
Likelihood that the proposed manuscript idea would be exciting and valuable to the broader science community.
In addition, the balance of represented disciplines and other factors are used to make difficult choices among highly qualified applicants.

Can I mail or email my application? Can I provide some of the requested information later?

All applications must be prepared in advance, and submitted together via the online application form. Letters of support will be requested automatically from your current advisor or mentor, and from up to two additional mentors (optional). At the discretion of the letter writers, these letters can also be submitted together with your application.

What format (PDF, .docx, .doc) should I use for my application?

PDF is preferred.

2. Eligibility Information

I graduated slightly before the eligibility period. May I still apply?

In general, no. Permission is sometimes given, e.g. for circumstances beyond your control.

I am not sure when I am graduating — what will be the eligibility dates for the next (2018) Eco-DAS meeting?

Eco-DAS XIII participants should have completed or intend to complete their dissertation between 1 June 2017 and 1 June 2019.

3. Meeting Logistics

What expenses should I expect to pay for?

All travel, hotel, and dining costs will be covered by the Eco-DAS symposium, including travel from your home address and back.

A per diem allowance will be given for meals that are not provided directly by the symposium.

The symposium will reimburse the direct cost of transportation from airport to hotel and back, but will not reimburse car rentals.

If you are a US citizen and located in the US, we can arrange and pay for your air travel and accommodations. You should be prepared to pay for some meals and incidental expenses.

If you are not a US citizen or if you are located in another country, you will probably need to purchase your air travel. We can offer travel advice and assistance, but cannot pay directly for the airfare. We will arrange your accommodations in Hawaii but if you are not a US citizen, you will need to pay for them in addition to some meals and incidental expenses. The total cost should be approximately $2500, and you would be reimbursed for all costs after the symposium (keep receipts, except for meals and incidental items).

When do I have to arrive?

All participants should plan to arrive in time to attend a Sunday evening reception at the meeting hotel, starting at 6 PM.

Where will I stay?

All participants will stay at a beachfront hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you plan to come early or stay late, let us know when we contact you to make travel arrangements. You may wish to stay at anothe rlocation before or after the meeting; however, during the meeting, you are required to stay at the meeting hotel.

Can I get the conference rate at the meeting hotel before or after the symposium?

The hotel rates we have obtained for the meeting may be available prior to or following the symposium. You will be responsible for the costs of extra nights. Please inform us of your plans.

Do I have to attend all events?

Yes. All participants are required to attend all daytime and evening events during the symposium. If you are sick or have any other emergency necessitating your absence, please call or otherwise let the conference organizers know as soon as possible.

Can I bring my spouse/significant other/child?

Yes, however please advise the organizers if you plan to bring any guests. We will attempt but can't guarantee to accommodate you. You must bear any additional costs - the symposium will only cover your own travel, hotel and dining costs. We will endeavor to accomodate participants with children (including infants) but we do not provide child care.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As an invited participant to this meeting, you are expected to attend all meeting functions. Your family may attend receptions and any optional social events, but not the science symposium during the day. An important goal for this symposium is to create cohort groups of aquatic ecologists. The meeting sponsors expect you to socialize with your fellow attendees, and not just with your family, during the entirety of this meeting.

What events can my spouse/significant other/child attend?

Your family can attend the evening social gatherings, but must be prepared for you to socialize with meeting participants. Do not plan to have private evenings with your family during the meeting.

What should I wear?

Honolulu outdoor temperatures are very comfortable in October (typically 80F/27C), and you are welcome to dress casually. Meeting rooms are air-conditioned, and some people may be more comfortable in a sweater or long-sleeved garment.