Eco-DAS Application for Fall 2018

Deadline: 1 May 2018

Step 1. Please provide the information below.


Email address:

Alternate Contact Information (e.g. telephone, a different email):

Enter the date you received, or expect to receive your PhD.

Some Eco-DAS sponsors are particularly interested in supporting international participants. Please provide your nationality and the country in which you currently live and work. If you live and work in the US but are not a US citizen, please provide your visa status.

Please provide the name and email for your PhD or postdoctoral advisor (at least one is required), and up to two other people (optional) who have agreed to prepare letters supporting your application. Each person will receive an emailed request to submit a letter of reference by uploading it to this website, but it is your responsibility to make sure the letters are received before 15 May 2018. Be sure to provide these references with information about the course and a copy of your application. Alternatively, you may upload letters of reference together with your application.

Eco-DAS typically includes panels, discussions, presentations, or other activities related to professional development. Please mention any professional development activities of particular interest to you.


PhD Advisor:

Advisor's Email:

Additional Reference 1 (optional):


Additional reference 2 (optional):


Professional development interests:

Step 2. Please provide the following by uploading individual files (PDF, DOC, TXT, or RTF).

  1. a current resume,
  2. a personal statement regarding your goals and reasons for applying (2 pages maximum)
  3. a substantive outline of a proposed manuscript that would be written in collaboration with one or more fellow Eco-DAS participants (3 pages maximum).


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